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Residential Real Estate


Residential Real Estate

We have Consumer Real Estate Settlement Protection Act (CRESPA) licensed attorneys to serve as Settlement Agents to provide escrow, closing and settlement services. We assist hundreds of people each year through the legal process of buying, selling, refinancing and leasing their homes.


Residential Real Estate Closing and Legal Help from Kane JeffriesOur services include:

  • Careful review the contract or loan commitment
  • Careful review of the title commitment and property title to ensure that all liens, mortgages and judgments are properly addressed prior to settlement
  • Preparation of deeds, settlement statements and other settlement documents
  • Recordation of deeds in the land records
  • Execution of settlement documents and facilitating the closing
  • Working closely with realtors, lenders and title insurance companies to ensure a smooth real estate settlement process from start to finish
  • Preparation and review of residential leases


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